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We’re currently seeking talented and ambitious sales representatives and entrepreneurs to help us take b-lite!™ to the masses.

The marketplace, as you know, is immense for a product that helps you lose fat and feel terrific while you are using it. We are seeking professionals who enjoy sharing something good and are ready to be nicely rewarded for having fun with the best sample and sell business available today.

Having a dynamic product is everything. We have one that takes the selling out of your hands. It is a product that produces results that you notice the very first day. This has created a very simple way to earn serious income by just sampling your clients, and then let b-lite!™ do the work. It is very simple to start cashing in with b-lite!™.  Read on to see how it works...

Different ways to earn money with b-lite!™

We have set up several ways to earn profit by referring and selling b-lite!™.  Some people may have a brick-and-mortar establishment that sees traffic on a daily basis to retail there products.  Some people do not want to inventory product, but still be able to earn profit by "referring" others to b-lite!™.  Whatever methods you use to market to your circle of influence, we have a b-lite!™ referral plan that's right for you!  Let's take a look at the different programs we offer:

Authorized Retailer (AR) Wholesale Purchase Program

The AR program is for individuals and business owners who prefer to maximize their profits by handling their own customer fulfillment. They understand the value of having product on hand when the customer needs it. When you create your Authorized Retailer account, you will have access to special wholesale prices to purchase b-lite!™. 

As business people, we understand that the more you buy, the better price you can negotiate. AR wholesale prices are by the case for our bottles. Buying by the case allows you to get maximum return on your investment.

b-lite!™ fulfillment Program

This program allows anyone to get started today, sampling and earning, without inventory investment. After you have set up an AR account, you simply purchase the “Try Me” kit. This package contains one 60ct bottle of b-lite!™ and 25 "Try Me" packs (4ct/ea.). This also includes 25 full color brochures. With this kit, you now have a bottle for your own use and can begin at once to get your samples out to those who want to get back on track with their health goals. When your customers are ready to order, we will fulfill their orders, ship to their door, and then we send you cash!

Professional Referral Program (PRP)

We are very excited to offer a program that rewards you when you elect to share the b-lite!™ money-making opportunities with other professionals who want to do what you are doing with this exciting opportunity. When you refer these programs to people in your network and we set them up as a new AR account, we will begin paying you 10% on any wholesale orders of your new AR. If residual income appeals to you, the PRP may be a great fit to include in your b-lite!™ business.