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Vitamin B1 - is needed to help process carbohydrates for energy production. It also aids the nervous system.

Vitamin B2 - is important for normal vision. It is also important for body growth and red blood cell production. Research shows B2 can help reduce migraine headache frequency.

Vitamin B3 - benefits include: maintaining healthy skin, increasing circulation, promoting lower blood pressure and helps to keep blood sugar at healthy levels.

Vitamin B5 - is essential for human growth and helps metabolize nutrients during digestion.

Vitamin B6 - is vital in the metabolism of amino acids and assists in the function of specific enzymes. This vitamin also helps maintain healthy immune system function.

Vitamin B7 - promotes healthy hair growth and prevents brittle nails

Vitamin B8 - promotes a healthy nervous system and the formation of healthy cells. It also helps to maintain healthy skin and hair, specifically helping to prevent premature graying, thinning, and hair loss.

Vitamin B9 - is crucial for proper brain function

Vitamin B12 - helps maintain healthy nerve cells. It aids in the production of DNA and RNA and is essential for the proper production of blood platelets and red and white blood cells.

Caffeine - each capsule of B-lite!™ has less caffeine than an 8 oz cup of brewed coffee from Starbucks®. It works synergistically with the other ingredients in B-lite!™ to stimulate fat-burning in the body and boost energy levels.

Green Tea Extract - helps detoxify the body and help promote healthy weight loss. It also is very effective as an energizing tonic. Green Tea Extract is an incredible source for antioxidants and anti-carcinogens. It contains natural caffeine and a wide-range of anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Yerba Mate - has been used for centuries to enhance focus, and physical endurance. It supports cardiovascular health, aids in digestion, and aids in weight control. It’s also packed with antioxidants.

Citrus Aurantium Extract - this extract from the Bitter Orange Peel helps keep hunger pangs and unhealthy cravings at bay.

P.E.A (phenylethlamine HCL) - is a B-vitamin naturally found in cocoa. It provides a quick boost of energy, helps to regulate mood, and stress, and improves mental clarity.

Synephrine Hcl - is found naturally in the dried orange Citrus Aurantium and is commonly known as "bitter orange". It provides a small stimulant effect and aids other metabolism stimulators.

Potassium Iodide - helps release stress and anxiety & promotes healthy thyroid function.

Hoodia - is a succulent plant that is naturally found in the deserts of Southern Africa and is renown as one of the best natural appetite suppressants in the world.

A.M.P. (4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate) - is great for increasing mental focus, energy and metabolism boosting within the body. A.M.P. is a stimulant that causes thermogenesis in the body which slightly raises body temperature and allows for greater energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

D-glucaronolactone (DGL) - Studies show that glucoronolactone can reduce sleepiness and boost energy, as well as improve alertness and reaction time. It may also promote mental clarity and a positive mood. It can also be helpful in ridding the body of harmful substances.

Raw Cacao Powder - is the natural source for chocolate and a mood boosting ingredient which is rich in natural antioxidants and has been shown to regulate high blood pressure. It has also been linked to aiding in liver, kidney, and bladder function.

Fulvic Minerals - contains all the minerals the body requires to makes nutrients more absorbable. It maintains cellular integrity and aids in the cellular detoxification process.