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Powerful, effective and safe, b-lite!™ is a formulation of all-natural ingredients that nourish the brain and body while providing appetite control and satisfaction—plus  smooth, natural energy all day long.

Boosts Energy! 

Energy, it’s just the one thing we never have enough of, right?  Wrong.  b-lite!™ promotes smooth, feel-good energy that keeps you on track and feeling good about your day.

Block Bad Cravings! 

This isn’t just about suppressing your appetite...it’s about “fixing” it.  B-Vitamins and other antioxidants in b-lite!™ provides the brain nutrition, often missing from our diets, that restores balance to our natural hunger mechanisms.

Burns Bad Fat! 

Yeah, there’s two kinds.  b-lite!™ promotes a mild thermogenic effect in your body that stimulates brown fat (the good fat) which in turn burns off white adipose tissue (the bad fat).  This is what you want.

Restores Balance! 

It’s not just over eating that causes people to gain weight.  b-lite!™ is packed with antioxidants and other natural herbs that promote cleansing the body of impurities, which in turn releases white adipose tissue (the bad fat).

Loaded with B-vitamins! 

Even if you get the “RDA” of b-vitamins, they would still be terribly deficient because the “RDA’s” are pretty much all too low...some by a lot!  B-vitamins are absolutely essential to every stage in weight loss and maintenance.  b-lite!™ is loaded with non-synthetic, natural b-vitamins.