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Below are answers to some common question about b-lite!™

Who should use b-lite!™?

b-lite!™ is for adults seeking a simple tool to help them regain control over their eating habits, promote safe, effective fat-burning, and enhance their mood and energy all day long. 

Is b-lite!™ safe?

b-lite!™ is safe, natural, non-toxic—and healthy—for your body and brain.  Please read the warning on the back of this brochure. If you are under a doctor’s care or on any medications, we encourage you to have your physician clear you to use b-lite!™ and help monitor your results.

Will b-lite!™ give me shakes or jitters or make me feel like I want to jump out of my skin?

Absolutely not!  What makes b-lite!™ such a unique formula is the nutrients and antioxidants that nourish and repair the adrenal glands and neurotransmitters in our brain that are overstimulated by thermogenesis.  This prevents the uncomfortable feelings often associated with energy and thermogenic supplements.

Will b-lite!™ affect my sleep or keep me up?

b-lite!™ is formulated as a natural energizer for your body.  Each capsule has about the same amount of natural caffeine as an eight ounce cup of coffee, plus other natural energizing ingredients. If you are caffeine sensitive, avoid taking b-lite!™ too late in the afternoon. Your daily routine will be your best guide.

What is the correct dosage?

If you’re trying b-lite!™ for the first time, take one capsule mid-morning or early afternoon on an empty stomach or before a light meal. If you don’t feel significantly energized after and hour or two, take another capsule.  Individuals who are caffeine sensitive may find one capsule will last the entire day.  Others may need an additional capsule to reach desired results.

Is b-lite!™ a diet program or system?

No. But if you are currently involved in a program or routine for weight reduction, b-lite!™ will increase its effectiveness in a big, big way! Most diets require you to not only reduce caloric intake but also to make a conscious decision to eat healthier calories. Both can be daunting tasks! The craving control of b-lite!™ is a natural weapon against overeating, “emotional hunger” and poor food choices.

In addition to b-lite!™, what else can I do to help my weight loss efforts?

Good health is not an event—it’s a lifestyle. To achieve long-lasting change in your health, better decisions need to become a habit rather than a chore. There’s no such thing as a magic bullet in weight loss and there’s no replacement for healthier eating habits and exercise. b-lite!™ will help you stay satisfied longer and feel more energized, motivating you to stay on track and reach your goals. Visit www.bliteplus.com and learn how healthy eating works and how to recognize and prevent “emotional hunger.”

Should I buy the 30ct or 60ct bottle and how long does each last?

The 30ct bottle is a supply intended to last one month and the 60ct bottle is intended to last two months.  However, some individuals may desire more than one capsule of b-lite!™ daily and consume more than 30 capsules per month.  If you want to try b-lite!™ with little investment, try our new 12ct “mini” bottle and try it out for a week or so.